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Força - Strength Against Cancer

New Forest based charity raising funds to help those living with cancer

Força - Strength Against Cancer is a registered charity which was founded as the unincorporated association 'força 14' in 2011 by a group of mums from Lymington who were inspired after one of their friends was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

In December 2014, the team were delighted to have consistently raised sufficient funds to become a registered UK charity. The charity continues to help those living with cancer in the Lymington and the surrounding areas of Hampshire and Dorset. In 2017 the Força team launched their Nourish project and in 2019 their Support project.

The objective of Força - Strength Against Cancer is to promote the physical and mental health of people living with or affected by cancer in Hampshire and Dorset through the provision of financial assistance, support, education and practical advice.

The Força - Strength Against Cancer team are all volunteers and we mainly operate as a fundraising team to provide funding for the projects, Nourish and Support and to help local families affected by cancer who may need financial assistance.

​Nourish by força

Nourish is the flagship project, run in conjunction with Oakhaven Hospice. The team wanted to go back to their roots and to be able to provide healthy, nutritious meals for people who are undergoing chemotherapy so that a) they don’t need to think about cooking and what to eat when they are having treatment and b) to give them and their families some practical support.

People having chemotherapy at Lymington Hospital, together with Day Centre users at Oakhaven Hospice, can take away frozen meals for them and their immediate family, cooked by Oakhaven and funded by Força. At any one time, the charity helps around 80 people and providing over 400 meals per month

Support by força

Força - Strength Against Cancer, working with the Princess Anne Hospital, offers specialist post-mastectomy support bras free of charge to anyone having mastectomy surgery in Southampton, Hampshire.

The Support bras, made by Macom, are specially designed for use after a mastectomy, and work much like compression socks, helping promote circulation for a better recovery. They are also designed to promote comfort and are super easy to put on. Best of all - they are great to use as exercise bras afterwards.

Helping those affected by cancer

The Força team has also organised and run events to give information and advice on nutrition for people living with cancer, paid for the running costs of the car which brings the chemotherapy drugs to Lymington, funded equipment for the Chemo Outreach Nurse and helped numerous local families who need extra support while dealing with cancer and the effects of treatment.

Força - Strength Against Cancer relies entirely on donations and grant funding. If you are interested in running an event to raise funds for us, making a direct donation, offering corporate support or helping us in any way, please do get in touch! You can also donate online:

Find out more on the Força - Strength Against Cancer website:


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